The STA builds a future for timber in new builds

The Structural Timber Association (STA), which is a broadened version of the UK Timber Frame Association (UKTFA), has called on the UK housebuilding industry to increase timber construction to 30% of all new homes. 

Currently, timber only accounts for 18% of new homes in England and Wales and the STA recognises that there is a need for the industry to embrace this form of housebuilding as it is more energy efficient. The organisation has estimated that in just five years approximately 43,200,000kg of CO2 emissions can be saved and are working on initiatives to ensure that this increase happens. 

Lawrence Young, chairman of the STA, has stated, “In Scotland 72% of all new homes are built using timber and the country has already embraced it for the benefits it brings in terms of cost, environment and time saving. The newly emerged STA will lead the way in promoting wider use of timber across the UK as a whole and believes the industry will support us in achieving a step-change for our sector.” 

The new STA is now broader and represents not just timber frame but all users of structural timber products, including CLT, SIPS and Glulam, however the overall purpose of the organisation will continue to be the promotion of structural timber products and systems within the UK construction industry.  

The STA will reiterate the message that timber is the way forward in terms of energy efficiency, time saving and flexibility, through its programme of seminars, factory tours and research. 

Laurence Young commented, “The timber construction industry is now driven by intelligent and integrated hybrid solutions and our association stands for much more that ‘timber frame’, which is why our rebrand is a strengthening of our brand. As the STA we will continue to lead the industry in terms of quality, health and safety, education, technical knowledge and customer service.”