Pivot Doors

pivot doors

Spirit Doors are proud to present our timber pivot doors, which we have been producing since 2004. These doors can be tailored to suit your own design, style and size requirements.

Pivot doors are more usually, though not always, associated with contemporary door designs and can be used to great effect to create impressive entrance doors.  The construction of these doors is either by ply faced engineered door cores or traditional joinery construction, both of which can be made with thermal enhancement to improve U values.   

Sizes are generally up to 1200mm wide by 2400mm. 

When considering a pivot door there are some points that need to be addressed to ensure their suitability.

  • Location – Generally pivot doors can be made to swing in either direction and usually this will be for internal applications, for external use the doors will close into a rebate which reverses at the pivot point.  This means that weather seals are not continuous at the pivot position, similarly the under door seals tend not to be as effective due to the brush or wiper type having no stop and compression seal to close against.  For this reason we would not recommend pivot doors for exposed locations as they are less effective against the effects of wind and weather.
  • Weight – Pivot doors tend to be large and heavy particularly when the construction is of hardwood, engineered cores are lighter.  The surrounding structure and method of installation must be taken into account if operational and maintenance issues are to be avoided.
  • Health and safety – The gap created between the door edge and the frame at the pivot side creates a potential “crush zone” which can be hazardous, particularly to small children and animals.  It is important always to allow enough room to accommodate the full sweep of the door in both directions.

 All of our door designs can be manufactured as a pivot and choosing the right style and location can be very effective and imposing.

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