Spirit Doors Ordering Process

All of our doorsets are bespoke to your needs and requests. Therefore the price of the door you order is completely dependent on the features you choose. Please call or email your requirements so we may provide you with a quote and specification to suit your individual requirements.

  1. Measurement of the structural opening where you want the door to be (these can be approximate but will need to be confirmed after an order is placed).
  2. Select a door design from our collection.
  3. Choose a type of wood that you want the door to be made from. If you require it to be a solid paint finish other options are available.  (We will be happy to advise you if necessary)
  4. The finishing of the door (Either a stained finish or a RAL colour)
  5. The door handles/locking system.
  6. Contact us for a quote on 0116 225 3436 or email enquiries@jckjoinery.co.uk

To place an order for a Spirit door the following information is required:

1.   Please advise in writing or by phone that you would like to go ahead with the order.

2.   A pro-forma invoice is raised  and you will be asked to provide a 50% deposit. Payment can be made by either a cheque (made payable to JCK Joinery) or Bacs transfer.

3.  Once the payment has cleared the order will then be processed and a confirmation will be sent to you, which will include an estimated delivery date.

4.  Drawings are generated with the door specification as agreed, these will be sent to you for approval and to ensure that everything is as you required.

5.  When you are happy with the specification and details you will need to send a copy of the drawings back to us signed and dated.

6.  Once the signed drawings are received  your order will be put into production.

7.  Approximately 1 week before the door is ready for delivery you will be contacted to be advised of a more accurate delivery date.



We deliver all over the UK Monday to Friday.

Arrangements should be made for off loading, at least two people

will need to be available for lifting, depending on size and weight. 

A Spirit doors member of staff will be happy to speak to you

regarding your specific requirements.


Storage & Fitting

Before your door is fitted it must be handled carefully and protected from impact and weathering damage.

The door should be stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated location on a flat level surface. The door needs to be kept clear of the floor by 90mm to prevent damage to the door or the people around it.

Frames must to stored flat and they should never be put in a situation that induces bending of twisting; as this will result in distortion of the doorset and permanent damage.

Avoid fitting doors in excessive humidity, especially in freshly plastered/ painted situations.

Only skilled tradesmen should undertake installation as correct fitting of fire and security doors/frames is imperative.

All door sets should be fixed as soon as possible after delivery and painted not exceeding 2 weeks.

It should be protected from exposure to humid/damp conditions or direct sunlight before decoration.

Decoration must protect the whole door including all edges faces and frame with a suitable paint system.


Most exterior timber doors will weather. If exposed to extreme changes in temperature and humidity without suitable treatment, natural movement or distortion such as swelling, splitting and warping can occur. But with planned suitable maintenance your timber door should retain its good looks for many years.

  • Hinges will require occasional application of light oil.
  • Lacquered handles will mark easily (e.g. with rings metallic objects)
  • Door and hardware should be wiped clean at least annually or when contaminated; do not use abrasive cleaning products.
  • Re-decoration should at least every four years with a suitable micro-porous finish. Or where finished on site a sympathetic application compatible with the original paint system.

Spirit Doors Warranty

Spirit Doors doorsets have a 2 year warranty period from date of shipment. This is subject to terms and conditions of our storage, fitting and maintenance guidelines.

Individual components may have a longer warranty (such as locking systems) but this would be with the manufacturer of the component not with Spirit Doors.